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What's Crackin'

Summer Coupon Book

Our Summer Coupon Promotion is back! Want to receive $25 off your next meal at Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab in Las Vegas? Don’t delay, the promotion expires on September 1, 2017.  Click here to receive the summer mailer that includes coupons to five restaurants in the Vegas area.

Pie It Forward™

Throughout the month of August, Pie it Forward at Joe’s with slice of our seasonal Peach Huckleberry Pie. The perfect summer dessert, it features a traditional housemade pie crust filled with fresh yellow peaches and huckleberries, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

In Las Vegas, Joe’s will donate $1 from every slice sold to Goodie Two Shoes, providing disadvantaged children and children in crisis with new shoes and socks, as well as other items deemed essential for good health and positive development…….#pieitforward

Summer Grilling Guide

Summertime means grilling time. After all, is it really summer until you’ve fired up the Weber for the first time? To make sure you are armed and ready, Joe’s executive chefs have created a summer grilling guide, providing you tips and tricks to take your summer barbecues to the next level.

Always remove meat from the fridge 30 minutes before grilling in order to ensure it comes up to temp. It will help the meat to cook more evenly. – Mark Lord, Joe’s Las Vegas Executive Chef

Maintaining a clean grill will result in a higher quality product. Debris left in grill will continue to char and could add off flavors to your food. Heat will maintain more consistent if your working with a clean grill. – Justin Diglia, Joe’s Chicago Executive Chef

Always use a thermometer to temp your steaks. 125 degrees is a good medium. Use that as a benchmark, and remember steaks tend to go up 5-10 degrees after you take them off the grill. – Chris Morvis, Joe’s DC Executive Chef 

I always keep a spray bottle of water near by to put out any flare ups. Charred meats = bitter flavor. – M.L.

You don’t cook with your oven door open, so similarly you don’t want to grill with the top open. Keeping the grill closed helps control and regulate the heat. – J.D.

Don’t babysit the meats. Avoid constantly opening the lid and flipping or moving the meat around. Flip meats once and let the grill do the work. – M.L.

It’s one of the simplest tips, but also one of the biggest mistakes people make: rest your steak after removing it from grill. This allows juices to redistribute and ensures you don’t leave all the flavor on the plate from cutting into it too soon. – C.M. 

A go-to, affordable cut of meat to feed the family? Tri Tip! Just be sure to cut against the grain. And for dessert: Honey and Bourbon Grilled Peaches with Vanilla Ice Cream. Toss peaches in honey, bourbon brown sugar and cinnamon. Grill 2-3 minutes and serve over vanilla ice cream! – M.L.

Happy Grilling!

Joe’s Sommelier Series: Raúl Pérez

This month’s Sommelier Series will focus on four incredible wines from one of Spain’s finest winemakers, Raúl Pérez. We’ll be pouring August 21 –27, so stop in for a bite and a sip and enjoy!

Not to be confused with Albariño, Albarín is a grape variety indigenous to northwest Spain, and rarely found outside of that area. If you’re looking to stump your wine friends with a selection they’ve never tried before, this will do the trick!   When I met with Raúl in Spain, we sampled an older vintage of this wine from a 1.5L bottle, and I was intrigued by its freshness and elegance. The 2011 Raúl Pérez, Rara Avis, Albarín, Bierzo, Spain ($11 per 3oz / $22 per 6oz) offers the same polish and focus that I first experienced.   Lively notes of orange blossom, followed by hints of fennel, evolve into a full bodied yet complex palate. This is a great pairing for fresh oysters.

Aging wines at the bottom of the ocean might be the most radical technique used in winemaking, and that is exactly what Raúl does with the 2015 Raúl Pérez, Sketch, Albariño, Rías Baixas, Spain ($15 per 3oz / $30 per 6oz). Once bottled, the wine is kept for several months at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of Rías Baixas, Spain. The environment is perfectly suited for aging Albariño, with relatively no light, an average temperature of 50˚-55˚, and high pressure with no oxygen. Alluring notes of fresh tropical fruits easily transition in to a complex and thought-provoking wine with focused acidity and minerality. It makes a perfect match for our famous King Crab.


Not to be outdone by his white wines, Raúl has been cultivating some of the most unique and rare red wine varieties on earth. The 2011 Raúl Pérez, Prieto Picudo, Tierra de Leon, Spain ($12 per 3oz / $24 per 6oz) is dark and inky in color, and a perfect example of the potential of the Prieto Picudo grape variety. With characteristics reminiscent of Tempranillo, this wine offers spice-accented notes of blueberry and violet. On the palate it is extremely textured, exhibiting layers of dark chocolate with an extremely long finish. This is a perfect partner for our Double-Cut Colorado Lamb Chops with Mint Chimichurri.

Mencia, found in Northwest Spain, is known for its pale yet highly fragrant wines, which are meant for early consumption. Bright and vibrant potpourri notes on the nose of the 2014 Raúl Pérez, Ultreia de Valtuille, Bierzo, Spain ($13 per 3oz / $26 per 6oz) are complemented by fresh minerality, with smoke-accented red fruits on the palate. This wine is meant for Wild King Salmon.

Wine Tip: Spain produces wine in nearly every corner of the country. The wine list at Joe’s showcases many of these that are rarely found in the United States. I recommend expanding your palate and exploring Spain’s esoteric selections- they won’t disappoint!

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Wine Spectator: Sommelier Talk with Kevin Bratt

Deemed the Surf-n-Turf Sipping Specialist, Wine Spectator recently sat down with Joe’s Concept Beverage Director, Kevin Bratt, for their ongoing series: Sommelier Talk. Click here to read more about his award-winning career, wine philosophies, and what initially sparked his interest in the business.

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